Winter Chill vs. Spring Sunshine‘ is the latest addition to the Nordic Playlist library, aiming to capture that transitional mood between winter and spring, from freezing nights to crisp sunny days.

This tailor-made electronic playlist offers up a collection of tracks that are as hypnotic and invigorating as they are peaceful and mellow tracks, so we’d like to take the time to introduce some of them, and the artists behind them, to you.


‘Sleep/Swim’ from Iceland natives múm kicks off our Winter Chill vs. Spring Sunshine playlist, just as the electronic track was used as an introduction to their 2002 release Finally We Are No One.

The Icelandic outfit were announced as due to play with Kronos Quartet at this year’s Iceland Airwaves Music Festival in November of this year, which makes us curious with excitement to see whether they will be announcing a new musical project soon… After all, it has been a while since their latest release Smilewound came out in 2013, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed and see how the story will unfold! To be (hopefully!) continued!

little dragon

It has been fairly quiet around Swedish four-piece Little Dragon lately too, but we’ll forgive them as the band are busily working on their next album, the follow up to Nabuma Rubberband released in 2014, from which their sensational track ‘Let Go’ is taken.

Released as their 15th single, the song brings vocalist Yukimi Nagano’s amazing voice to the forefront and mixes it alongside warm, engulfing layers of synths and a down-tempo vibe that leans into a comforting form of R&B. The Gothenburg natives have teased that there are a couple of collaborations in the making for 2016 so we are keeping an eye out for that – but for now, remind yourself of the soothing sounds of ‘Let Go’ in our Winter Chill vs. Spring Sunshine playlist!

SMALL Jaga Jazzist press credit Anthony P. Huus

Experimental Norwegian outfit Jaga Jazzist have made a name for themselves over the past 20 years by exploring and playing with genres from jazz to rock to prog to electronica and everything that lies between.

The 12 minute long track ‘Oban’ provides a good summary of these endeavours and has been remixed by fellow countryman Todd Terje, whose upbeat tune ‘Spiral’ is also included in the playlist, adding layers drums on top of one another to create some truly unique percussion.

Find all the tracks above and lots more in the Winter Chill vs. Spring Sunshine playlist!