The Nordic Playlist caravan is set and ready to go to by:Larm Festival in Oslo, so we’re taking a closer look at some of the artists getting ready to perform there!

After an amazing couple of days at ‘Where’s The Music?’ Festival in Norrköping recently, we here at the Nordic Playlist are now looking forward to our next festival stop, which will be by:Larm Festival in Oslo between the 2 – 5 March. You can stop by and meet us in person by the caravan, which will be located at Youngstorget in downtown Oslo where we’re going to be hosting interviews with the hottest new Nordic artists, as well as offering up some extra special events for festival-goers at the caravan throughout the festival!

The festival is just a couple of days away, so we’re taking a closer look at some of the artists that are set to perform and who we’re super excited to see! For more tips, tune in to our specially made by:Larm: Nordic Playlist’s Tips For 2016 playlist – created to get you in the festival mood!

Keep an eye on the Nordic Playlist n the coming days for more of our by:Larm news…!

maja francis

Maja Francis [SWE]

Maja Francis grew up in her father’s record store in a tiny town in the South of Sweden. Among vinyl legends such as Joni Mitchell and Carole King, she dreamed of becoming a singer one day. It runs in the family actually; her grandmother sold a million albums in the 1950s and her Grandfather was the manager of the 1960s pop group Hep Stars.

A whole new creative journey started when Maja found a strong friendship in Swedish pop artist Veronica Maggio. After many-a-late-night session, they created Maja’s musical world: Fantasy Pop, “a solar system of dreams, melancholy and beauty”.

“Daydreaming is my super power,” the Swedish artist explains. “It gives me inspiration for the songs I write and it helps me cope when everything around me is moving too fast, when emotions chafe or just to put a nicer outfit on a grey day. In my fantasy world I see the tears in neon, the asphalt & grass as glittery green blankets and the rain as confetti.”


Liima [DEN/FIN]

Liima is the brainchild of Danish collective Efterklang in collaboration with Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö. Initially, Efterklang hired Rönkkö as a co-performer for their high-spirited live shows but Rönkkö’s unique abilities and vision pulled Clausen, Stolberg and Brauer into an entirely new creative stratosphere.

Liima create their music during intense residencies and immediately test it in front of a live audience. On their Soundcloud page you can find several live recordings with songs written during residencies in Finland, Berlin, Istanbul and Madeira over the last year and the project’s debut album ii is set to be released on the 18th March through cult label 4AD.


Hasta [NOR]

Hasta is the latest musician to create an exclusive DJ mix for the Nordic Playlist, and is an artist who quickly gained attention and acclaim for his high-speed productions and remixes. Working on a whole host of tracks by artists such as Mura Masa, Preston Harris and fellow Norwegian Aurora in recent months, Hasta has certainly gathered a reputation as a master remixer and a bona fide ‘one to watch’.

His most recent EP Botanique, which arrived via prestigious French electro label Kitsuné last year, presented a genre-spanning mix of jazzy instrumentals as well as sleek R&B jams, all of them playing host to Hasta’s distinctive style and signature sound – so we highly recommend heading out to catch this exciting emerging DJ live at by:Larm Festival.


Chinah [DEN]

Creating a massive buzz on the international blog sphere, Chinah have proven themselves to be one of the most interesting and fast-growing new acts out there.

The three piece from Copenhagen released their acclaimed minimalistic debut single ‘Away From Me’ in July 2015, entwining electronic pop with a perfectly executed sophisticated R&B sound. Their inspiration is to create music that pushes the boundaries of pop music, and they’ve certainly captured out attention whilst doing so.

The six tracks on the recently released debut LP Once the Lights Are On are no exception to this, brimming with an abundance of surprising, arresting moments slowly revealing themselves through the tracks, so make sure to catch one of Chinah’s live appearances at the upcoming by:Larm Festival!