As we prepare to make our way to Where’s The Music? with the Nordic Playlist caravan, here is our first instalment of artists that we highly recommend you check out at the festival!

Earlier in the week, we announced that we’ll be heading to Where’s The Music Festival in Norrköping, taking the Nordic Playlist caravan along for the ride. While we’re there, we’re going to be catching up with some of the fantastic artists that can be found among the abundance of Nordic acts set to perform at the event, and our cosy caravan will also be taking up residency in the town centre, so that our friends and followers can swing by, and get to know the Nordic Playlist in person.

As we count down the days until we arrive in Norrköping, we’re taking a closer look at some of the artists that will be performing at the festival. And as we do best, we’ve turned our top tips into a playlist!

Tune in to our specially made playlist –  ‘Where’s The Music? – Nordic Playlist’s Top Tips‘ – now for a sonic taste of what the festival has in store, and keep an eye on the Nordic Playlist as we reveal more of our top tips in the coming days…

Miriam Bryant [SWE]

A lasting star of the Trenda: Nordic Charts, Sweden’s Miriam Bryant spent the latter part of 2015 enchanting fans new and old with a collection of cover versions unveiled as part of the hit Swedish TV series Så Mycket Bättre.

Standing out as a performer with a particular knack for turning existing tunes into heart-felt, personal renditions, Miriam soon became the star at the centre of the show, and kicked off 2016 by releasing an EP compilation of the songs she sang as part of the series. Hisingen Och Hem Igen includes the multi-million streamed tracks ‘Ett sista glas’ and ‘One Last Time’, which fans are hoping will appear alongside her own pop gems such as ‘Push Play’ and ‘Dragon’ when Miriam imminently takes to the stages of Where’s The Music Festival in Norrköping.

JA JA JA_Tussilago

Tussilago [SWE]

A favourite here at the Nordic Playlist, Sweden’s Tussilago have been recommended by a host of Nordic Playlist curators as a band to watch with eagle eyes in the future.

Kakkmaddafakka, Amason and Lykke Li have all singled out this Stockholm based band as having a particularly bright musical future ahead of them, and if their 2015 album Holy Train is anything to go by, then we couldn’t agree with our esteemed curators more.

Tussilago will be performing as part of Where’s The Music Festival between the 11-13th February, so we highly recommend that you head along to check them out in person. And if you’re not going to the festival, then you can sample the aural delights of the sumptuous sounds of Tussilago via our ‘Where’s The Music? – Nordic Playlist’s Top Tips‘ playlist!


Venior [FIN]

A new take on sugary sweet pop arrived when Finnish songstress Venior revealed her debut single ‘Sugar Rush’ back in 2015, a veritable tour de pop force which hinted at very exciting things to come from this emerging star.

Kicking 2016 off in the best way possible, Venior launched a brand new single in the form of ‘Na Na Na’ and also had the honour of opening up for US sensation Angel Haze at her Helsinki live date. And not only has she been booked to play at the 2016 edition of Flow Festival, but Venior will also be taking to the stages of Where’s The Music? to brandish her powerful pop anthems in front of an avid audience in Sweden.

Check out her latest track ‘Na Na Na’ in our ‘Where’s The Music? – Nordic Playlist’s Top Tips‘ to find out more…

Blaueblume presspicture 2016

Blaue Blume [DEN]

Danish outfit Blaue Blume‘s much anticipated debut album Syzygy was finally released in 2015 to widespread acclaim, fulfilling all of the sonic promises made by the band through their lush EPs Beau & Lorette and 15.01.12. 

Throughout their career so far, Blaue Blume have created a remarkable reputation for the quality of their live shows, which sees the four band members combine outstanding musicianship with unique vocals and a whole lot of heart and soul. Syzygy, featuring the singles ‘Sky’ and ‘Thinking Of Roxy’, will provide the base for Blaue Blume’s upcoming show in Norrköping, and we couldn’t recommend checking out this band’s intricate and thoughtful music live any more highly.


Maxida Märak [SWE]

Hailing from the North – the very far North – of Sweden, hip-hop artist Maxida Märak mixes musical and cultural elements from her Sami heritage into powerful urban anthems. A native of Jokkmokk in the province of Lapland, Maxida is an extremely striking performer, equally at ease spitting rhymes as she is blending elements of ‘jojk’ into her raw and distinctive tunes.

Maxida will be joined as Where’s The Music? by producers and musicians Sabina Wärme and Amanda Lindgren, who together form the band Systraskap – so if you’re looking for some serious edge and some uniquely powerful sounds, then we’d highly recommend catching Maxida Märak’s show in person.

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