There’s very little info about Danish newcomers Yasmin on the ‘ol Internet as yet, but what we do know is that they’re a two-man band from Haderslev who formerly went under the name Gulab Jamun (there’s actually another, older band operating under this name, which may explain the switch).

They describe their music as “Night Time Music From Far Away” and the first single ‘Naw Ruz’ certainly fits that description. Naw Ruz is the Bahá’í and Iranian New Year, and the Middle Eastern influence can be heard in the song’s atmospheric vocals.

‘Naw Ruz’ is a light, spacey track that gracefully washes over the listener, until a sharp, harsh crash slices in at the two minute mark and announces the arrival of warping and distortion into the mix. It’s accompanied by a surrealist video featuring fruit, smoky hoovering and various other intriguing things combining traditions from both Danish and Iranian New Years, and you can check it out below…

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