mammut GLÆÐUR

The joyful festivities of the holiday season are over. Father Christmas has retired back to his North Pole headquarters and stockings are being removed from the chimney with care. Back to the dolour of normal life, I suppose! Taking it all in stride, Icelandic group Mammút have released their video for ‘GLÆÐUR’, a dark and melancholic revisitation of an old track that brings in the new year with a bit of brood and gloom.

‘GLÆÐUR’ (from their 2013 LP Komdu Til Mín Svarta Systir) may be a few years old, but the recently released video brings new life to the track. The video, masterfully directed and edited by Katrína Mogensen and Sunneva Ása Weisshappel, blends nature with the apocalypse to create an unsteadying experience for the viewer. The alternation of a black-and-white and full colour aesthetic combines with the gradual build-up of the track to create a powerfully sombre ending to 2015.

Watch the video (complete with horses and occultish fire helmets) here:

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