Lukas Graham

Not content with smashing into the charts of his neighbouring Nordic countries, Denmark’s Lukas Graham has now set his sights on the US…

A good way to make people sit up and pay attention in the States is to deliver a spell-binding performance on one of the country’s biggest entertainment shows – and that’s exactly what happened when Lukas Graham took to the stage of Late Night with Seth Meyers back in December. Those living outside of the States are now able to experience exactly what the performance held, as the track has been uploaded to watch online.

Lukas Graham has been sitting pretty atop the Nordic Charts in Denmark, Sweden and Norway, proving that Nordic pop fans just can’t get enough of his hit single ‘7 Years’. And if the live performance doesn’t satisfy your need to listen to the song on repeat, then you can check out the official video for ‘7 Years’ which landed just before the Christmas break, featuring, in the words of Lukas himself “a mix of Christiania, Copenhagen and Los Angeles… combined to give you a beautiful imagery to help the song along”.

Find out how Lukas Graham is doing by following the Trenda: Nordic Charts playlist on Spotify!

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