Jakob Ogawa

From the first off-kilter strum, Jakob Ogawa‘s ‘You’ll Be On My Mind’ feels like it’s gently tugging you towards a Hawaiian beach. The song has a lulling rhythm, and a pace so relaxed you can feel any knots of tension you might have in your back slowly start to unravel. Though it sounds like it might have been made on a beach-side, with ice clinking in a cocktail glass sampled and used for atmosphere, its origins couldn’t be further from it – Ogawa’s method is purely DIY, with every element recorded and blended in his Oslo bedroom.

Speaking about the track, Ogawa elaborates:

“I’m strongly inspired by Asian movies and especially the works of Wong Kar-wai. His movies often reflect upon the yearning of love, and a lot of my music floats around this subject. This song is quite personal, I often let myself be inspired by dreams I have at night.

‘You’ll Be on My Mind’ is about the “high” you encounter with love, and how this “shot of love” can make you go blind. It’s also about certain moments and experiences I’ve stumbled upon in various situations with love.

Although this is how I (could) describe my song, there’s a lot more underneath, and I would like the listener to interpret the song for themselves and maybe find their own meaning to it.”

‘You’ll Be On My Mind’ is an impressive début for the 19 year old Ogawa, with his languid, crooning falsetto complemented beautifully by picked guitar lines and staccato synth melody loops weaving in and out of each other, as waves of reverb give the whole thing a dreamy effect. This, along with just the right amount of bittersweetness in the melody, gives the effect of yearning; for what, perhaps it’s difficult to say – for the intensity of that first rush of love, or perhaps just for the sunny place this music seems to transport you to, as we listen to it now in the throes of a cold, grey winter, but one thing’s for certain: ‘You’ll Be On My Mind’ has a transportative quality that will stay with you.

‘You’ll Be On My Mind’ is being released through Brilliance‘s singles club imprint Diamond Club – take a listen below.

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