Trenda Ice and fire

Stretching from the snowy peaks of the Norwegian mountain-tops to the amber streaks of lava cascading from Iceland’s lively volcanoes, the Nordic countries are truly the lands of ‘ice and fire’.

But step away from the nature and into the cities that beat at the heart of the Nordics, and this phrase takes on a whole different meaning. Nordic rap, hip-hop, R’n’B and ferocious urban sounds are flooding the cities’ clubs and corners, bringing a whole generation of producers, rappers and music makers to the forefront.

This brand new soundtrack from the Nordic Playlist pays tribute to the striking sounds emerging from the streets of Helsinki, Reykjavík, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen and further afield, exploring the biggest beats and the hottest hooks from each location.

From the fiery sounds of Iceland’s Sturla Atlas to the unstoppable flows of Denmark’s Gilli, Trenda’s ‘Songs Of Ice & Fire’ playlist is an exploration of beats and bass, lyrics and languages – giving you an intimate insight into each city’s thriving urban scene.

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