The first Trenda: Nordic Chart of 2016 shows artists transcending borders throughout the region!

The Trenda: Nordic Chart is a weekly updated section of the Nordic Playlist where you can find a hand-made playlist featuring the most streamed and sold songs from Nordic artists, songwriters and producers within the Nordic region!

The five charts list the top Nordic songs in each of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, which are then compiled into one mega-mix on Spotify, providing you with a one-stop destination to tune in to an on-point new Nordic pop soundtrack…

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Despite the holiday season, the Nordic charts have seen some noticeable movement over the past few weeks, with a number of artists smashing through the borders of neighbouring countries to infiltrate their charts! Norwegian electronic producer Alan Walker is currently dominating the lists throughout the region, heading to the top position on the Nordic charts with the track ‘Faded’ not only in his native Norway, but also in Sweden, as well as the track reaching positions no. 6 in Denmark and 8 in Finland.

Soon-to-be-superstar DJ Kygo, also from Norway, makes it into three Nordic charts this week with the song ‘Stay’. In Sweden, he follows Alan Walker in second place, in Norway he’s staying strong in position 3 and in Denmark, he manages to squeeze in at number 10…

Swedish-Norwegian collaboration Tungevaag & Raaban are also causing some serious ripples in the Nordics. The duo’s single ‘Russian Roulette’ recently reached gold sales status in Finland, where it’s currently in the 7th position of the Nordic chart – one which is generally dominated by domestic acts.

And the final artist that’s smashing down borders in the Nordics is Denmark’s Lukas Graham, a soul singer whose last year couldn’t have been more successful. He retains his hold of Nordic chart positions in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, climbing to the top of his home country’s list, while landing in position 10 in Norway 5 in Sweden!

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