Guns is the musical baby of Gunhild Jarwson Tekle, a Norwegian musician from Trondheim currently based in Copenhagen. She came to attention last year with her debut release ‘Ricochet’, a woozy pop tune that earned her a slot on Danish label Sound Of Copenhagen‘s latest compilation of the city’s music.  Now she’s back with the follow-up, ‘I Know Exactly How It Feels’.

‘Ricochet’ was a beautifully poised pop song, but it’s possible that the dreamlike glow of ‘I Know Exactly How It Feels’ even manages to trump it. The track kicks off with a verse built from pulsing synths, before it explodes into a glittering chorus. It’s a song that hits all of the classic pop sweetspots (sharp melodies, glossy sheen, subtle sense of melancholy) with ease, while carving out an authentic sonic identity of its own. It’s the kind of song that grabs something inside the listener, leaving an impression that’s impossible to shake even after just one listen. ‘I Know Exactly How It Feels’ is out now on Tigerspring Records, and Guns is currently working on an EP for release later in the year.

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