EERA photo by Alice RainisPhoto: Alice Rainis

EERA is Anna Lena Bruland, a Norwegian musician from the small town of Drøbak but now based in London. She’s about to drop her first, self-titled EP, after releasing the first track from it, ‘White Water’, in the middle of 2015. Now she’s put out another single from the EP, ‘Drive With Fear’.

EERA toured with her compatriot Farao last year and there are sharp similarities between their sounds, especially in the silky vocals. The basic, driving drumbeat at the heart of ‘Drive With Fear’ gives the track a solid base which Bruland exploits to move gracefully between musical moods. The track builds on slow-moving, woozy verses before breaking into an elegant, graceful chorus. It’s a cleverly-constructed, emotionally intense pop song. The four-song EERA EP will be released on March 4th on House Arrest Records.

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