Something that’s very cool is when an artist flies out of the blocks with a song which showcases a special talent, and Swedish newcomer Bishat has certainly done that. She’s a soul singer and musician who apparently wrote her first song with José González when she was thirteen, which is something most thirteen year-olds don’t do (we assume: perhaps this is a standard part of growing up in Sweden?). Anyway, she’s announced her arrival with the modestly titled ‘Some Things’.

‘Some Things’ is an effortless blending together of ‘Often’ by The Weeknd, ‘No Rest For The Wicked’ by Lykke Li and ‘Some Things Last A Long Time’ by Daniel Johnston. These are not songs which are normally associated together, making it all the more impressive how natural they sound together in Bishat’s re-imagining of them. She uses elements from the tracks as ingredients for a slice of slick electronic soul. ‘Some Things’ is available as a free download from Bishat’s Soundcloud, and her debut single proper, ‘Sober’, is due out in January.

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