Each week, we delve into the latest, freshest releases to bring you the best new pop, all handily compiled into the Trenda: New Nordic Pop playlist!

Danish popstar Fallulah has returned to reveal the release date for her next album Perfect Tense, and celebrates this exciting news by releasing a new single – a Scandinavian pop diamond bearing the same name as the upcoming release. It’s been three years since Fallulah’s previous album Escapism landedso ‘Perfect Tense’ arrives as a promising taste of what Fallulah’s new music has in store – and it sounds very promising! The song has already racked up more than 200,000 streams since its release on the 19th January, so we think it’s the perfect opener for this week’s Trenda: New Nordic Pop playlist!

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A track on the playlist highlighting change is ‘Dust’ by Norwegian dance producer CLMD and fellow Norwegian rising pop star, Astrid S. ‘Dust’ is the first track to be released after CLMD transformed from duo to solo project and Martin Danielle, the man behind the moniker, feels confident in the new direction. As well as working on this new project, Astrid S continues what she started with Matoma with last year’s track ‘Running Out’, which saw the rising star take her pop noir in a lighter and brighter direction.

Finnish electronic producer Big Pharma revealed his new single ‘Midnight Call’ last week, a track which quickly gained the favour of the local connoisseurs. Big Pharma, or Jussi Ylikoski, is also known as the guitarist of punk-rock outfit Disco Ensemble and has previously been voted the best Finnish guitarist. The influences can be heard throughout the music of Big Pharma, which was first introduced with the punktronic ‘Freedom Juice’ last summer. Big Pharma’s first album release is scheduled for March.

And finally, for those seeking something more mellow and chilled, a Rhodes-drenched, sun-kissed beauty from Sweden’s Ben Phipps has arrived for your listening pleasure. The careers of Gothenburg’s Phipps and Californian singer-songwriter Ashe were rocket-launched when they released the streaming hit ‘Sleep Alone’ in 2015. The latest product of the collaboration, ‘Don’t Look Back’, gathered close to 100,000 streams on Soundcloud after being revealed last week, which led it to land a spot on the Trenda: New Nordic Pop playlist!

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