The second half of 2015 has seen a significant trend infiltrating the Nordic charts in Finland and Sweden, and the key word is? Television.

When looking at the tracks on the Finnish and Swedish Nordic charts, many songs seem to have something in common and what strikes you the most is that Sweden’s chart of Nordic artists is totally dominated by Sweden’s own Miriam Bryant, who occupies no less than five positions on the chart this week (and six last week!).

On the Finnish side, the chart has for a long time been dominated by collaborations between popular pop artists, such as Sanni and Antti Tuisku. So – and maybe we’ve been watching too much Sherlock – but we’ve been wondering, why is this?

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The answer can be found on television. The songs performed by Miriam Bryant on the Swedish chart, as well as ‘Sata salamaa’ by Antti Tuisu and ‘Lähtisitkö’ ft. Sanni by Villegalle have their roots in a TV show concept created in Holland back in 2009. A few years ago, the show was adapted for all the Nordic countries except Iceland under different names, but has had the most success in Sweden (Så mycket bättre) and Finland (Vain elämää).

The concept is very simple. On prime-time TV, popular artists from different genres and eras of pop come together to hang-out, get to know each other and ultimately cover each others’ songs. In Sweden, Miriam Bryant has shown incredible skill in making songs her own. The track ‘Ett sista glas’ is her take on a classic song by troubadour Sven-Bertil Taube, for example.

On the other side of the Baltic Sea, Finland’s Antti Tuisku has managed to re-introduce the schlager hit ‘Sata salamaa’ from 1987 to a younger audience through the Finnish edition of the show. As a result, both Miriam and Antti have been constant guests on the Nordic charts. Mystery solved.

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