Discover three new Nordic artists whose music will bring the sun out from behind the clouds and make the snow melt!

We recently gathered a set of summery tracks in a Trenda playlist to help you get through the cold, dark winter. As it turns out, the Nordics are experts at creating the best tropical atmosphere regardless of the season, and here are three Nordic artists perfecting this exact art that you should keep an eye on!

Tune in to 21 Tropical Tracks to Help You Forget Winter is Coming on Spotify!

Sondre Alvestad, a.k.a. Sonny Alven has impressed with several huge releases in 2015, including ‘Irregular Love’ and ‘Where Do We Go’. The most successful hit to date is ‘Our Youth’ featuring Emmi, which is also featured on the Tropical Trenda playlist. Despite the fact that the annual average temperature of Sonny’s hometown Bergen is 7.6°C, he manages to create music that sounds like 29° in Miami. Therefore, Miami is also the only acceptable place for shooting the video for ‘Our Youth’.

Motions are a producer duo from Joensuu, Finland who switched their rock band for electronic music production, and with quite some success. In under a year, Tuomo and Tommi have managed to gain national radio airplay as well as land a record deal with a major label. We included their track ‘Flow’ in the Tropical Trenda playlist, and we’re looking forward to seeing where these guys will be in a another year’s time!

Although something of an ‘odd-one-out’, ‘Hugh’ by Norway’s Goodbye Pants is nonetheless a track to send your thoughts towards southern latitudes (with a slight spin in the direction of Hugh Grant) and it undoubtedly deserves its place on the Tropical Trenda playlist. The last time a Norwegian comedy duo branched off into making music it was an instant success (you know who we’re talking about…!), and Goodbye Pant’s current record deal with Universal does create some anticipation!

Listen to ’21 Tropical Tracks to Help You Forget Winter is Coming’ here!