asha ali

The Trenda: New Nordic Pop Playlist includes three songs that have especially caught our attention through glancing in the direction of some immortal classics!

Tune in to the Trenda: New Nordic Pop playlist here!

The first new Nordic release that’s based on a classic pop jewel is ‘How Deep Is Your Love’ by Denmark’s Nadia Gattas. The original piece of art performed under that title was of course the 1977 release by the Bee Gees, but this particular tune is a cover of a track with the same name released last summer by Calvin Harris in collaboration with Norway’s Ina Wroldsen and producers Disciples

Asha Ali honours the legacy of world-dominating Swedish pop by covering the eternal hit ‘Sleeping In My Car’, taken from the 1994 album Crash! Boom! Bang! from Swedish superstars Roxette. The song is produced by Johanna Berglund from the band RABBII who has updated the track’s sound to fit 21st century standards, although the original will forever stay a hit.

And finally, fantastic band of Swedes Miike Snow release their second single this winter. The new single is called ‘Genghis Khan’ and even though we’ve got no proof to confirm our guesses, we strongly suspect the guys to have been inspired by this Finnish-speaking cover of Germany’s 1979 Eurovision entry, called ‘Tsingis Khan’, performed by Finland’s own schlager performer/David Hasselhoff look-a-like Frederik.

True or not, Miike Snow’s ‘Genghis Khan’ is an unmissable addition to the Trenda: New Nordic Pop Playlist so make sure to check it out now…

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