Swedish haze-poppers YAST have an affinity for Christmas time. Two years ago they teamed up with label-mate Alice Boman to release a festive single, ‘If Santa Ain’t Real‘, which hints at the fact that a chubby, morally judgemental man probably isn’t going to break into your house and eat your food (although that’s kind of reassuring when you think about it). Anyway, this year the band have treated their fans to another Christmas gift, ‘My Dreams’.

‘My Dreams’ is the b-side to their new single, ‘I Don’t Think She Knows’, taken from their recent, and really really good LP My Dreams Did Finally Come True. It’s a piece of fuzzy indie pop, very firmly in the YAST style. It possesses a sharp melody, buried and blurred into waves of squall and feedback with the mood firmly set to melancholic: ┬áthe line “I know you’ll never be my girl” sticks out amongst the haze. ‘I Don’t Think She Knows’, backed with ‘My Dreams’ is out know on Adrian Recordings,as is YAST‘s latest album My Dreams Did Finally Come True.

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