Swim - Next To Me high res

Swim are a Malmö-based duo who got together though the digital equivalent of those ‘musicians wanted’ band ads you always see plastered around universities and record shops. Producer/ electronic noise maker Carl Nordström decided he needed a vocalist for the music he was making, posted an online ad that singer Erika Rosén responded to, and over a year of collaboration Swim was slowly born, and new single ‘Next To Me’ reveals the fruits of that collaboration.

‘Next To Me’ has a graceful, clipping momentum, while the smooth synths that wash over the track nicely compliment the warm glow of Rosén’s voice . But despite the dreamy comfort of the music, there’s also a sense of something melancholic about the track, a sense of mourning after something distant, that adds an extra layer of depth and meaning to the song. ‘Next To Me’ is out now on With Love Recordings/ HMWL.

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