MAASAI low res

MAASAI are a Swedish duo, made up of Dominique Teymouri (vocals) and Zackarias Ekelund (drums). They broke through in 2013 with the single ‘Memories’, and 2015 has seen them finally release their debut full-length, Feeling Blue, Seeing Orange. It’s from that record that their new single, ‘I.D.S.H.’ is taken.

‘I.D.S.H.’ is a pop track with its sights firmly set on the dancefloor. It’s a tropically-flavoured jam, full of nimble, skittering rhythms and pulsing synths. The slight distortion applied to Teymouri’s vocal allows the track to slip into a slightly rougher mood at times, before bouncing back into a massive pop chorus. ‘I.D.S.H.’ is out now, accompanied by a glitchy remix by Canadian producer Beach Season, and Feeling Blue, Seeing Orange is also out now on Hybris Records.

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