Photo by Anton Sucksdorff

It’s the music industry’s worst kept secret that it has a big problem with douchebag bros who seem to think that no female musician has any idea of what they’re doing. It goes deep enough that even Grimes had to put up with it (I’m tired of men who aren’t professional or even accomplished musicians continually offering to ‘help me out’ (without being asked), as if i did this by accident and i’m gonna flounder without them.”) and Emma Kemppainen, half of Finnish band LCMDF has encountered it too, when a metal muso decided she was in desperate need of his advice: “I wrote this song the day after a music biz dude told me that I shouldn’t write good songs, but make them more stupid. Then he offered to re-write our album”. Seriously, imagine those sentences coming out of your mouth and actually thinking ‘Yeah, this is a good and reasonable suggestion. This is totally a normal thing that a good person would think and I bet she’ll appreciate it’. Anyway, Kemppainen wasn’t so down for that, for some reason: “I thought that was the worst idea ever, so I wrote a song to him”. ‘Rookie’ is the result.

‘Rookie’ is a slice of colourful pop-punk, powered by fuzzy guitars and synths. It’s half a dismissal of the macho scene she wants nothing to do with (“I’m so done with the metal scene, I’m so done with the dudes who think they’re better than me”) and half a uber-confident affirmation of her own abilities (“My shit’s so solid, that’s why I’m here y’know”). Those dudes will probably be a little less eager to offer LCMDF their ‘help’ after getting blasted with this. A video for the song is due soon and LCMDF will be releasing more new material in 2016.

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