There are very few bands around that can capture misery as well as JJ. The trio, Joakim Benon, Elin Kastlander and new member Ricky Mehra, have a knack for honing on the little details that summarise bleak moments and recreating that feeling in their music. Their new single ‘I Wish’ is a perfect example of that ability.

Soaked in mournful synths and low-end, ‘I Wish’ is a monument to the sheer wretchedness of knowing you’ve messed up really, really badly, and are trapped in crushing disappointment and self-loathing, without even the small satisfaction of having someone else to blame. “I wish I could hate you” sings Kastlander, in a voice that makes it obvious that that wish is going absolutely nowhere. “I wish I could say that I deserve more, but I really don’t. Cuz I just fuck shit up” – every word a self-inflicted blow. No word yet on a follow up to their 2014 LP V, but hopefully we will enjoy more from the band in 2016.

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