Kai Gundelach, operating under the alias Gundelach, is what you can call a typical autodidact. At the tender age of 16, he entered Oslo’s club scene to get to know how to rock the turntables with the best. Years later he turned out to be more than just a DJ — he creates heavenly melodies that are as catchy as hell.

In March Gundelach released his first song ‘Alone in the Night’. Finally, at the end of November, he came up with his second, the equally impressive single ‘Spiders’. While his tender voice embraces your longing soul, the dreamlike melody of ‘Spiders’ and its interlaced low beat carries you to the spheres of dreams and beyond. Both tracks are so promising that everyone’s waiting for his début EP, but thankfully the waiting time is almost over: the début EP of Gundelach will be released in early 2016 via Cosmos Music. Give it a try and listen to the tempting ‘Spiders’ below.

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