Boeoes Kaelstigen have quickly carved out a pretty unique sonic territory for themselves. The band have a background in trance and techno, but over the years have gradually moved towards incorporating poppier elements into their sound, both in their own music and their remixes (recent outings have seen them put their own spin on tunes by some of Sweden’s biggest pop talents like Seinabo Sey and Ji Nilsson). That blend of electronic music and pop sensibility has served them well, and it’s a formula they’ve continued with on new single ‘Too Much’

On the instrumental side of things, ‘Too Much’ exists on the chillier end of the dance music spectrum, the choppy, clipped synths giving the track a tense, cold atmosphere. Vocalist and producer Name The Pet drops in to supply the supply the hook, a smooth slice of pure pop melody. ‘Too Much’ is taken from Boeoes Kaelstigen‘s album Overcomes Love, Time & Space and the single is out now backed with an ‘In-House’ remix by the band. Both are available from Adrian Recordings.

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