In Lapland (Greenland, the North Pole – he travels around, as we all know), Santa Claus is finishing up the final preparations…

…and we’re going to hazard a guess – although we might be wrong – that he’s listening to the Nordic Playlist’s Festive Winter Mix as he goes! 

With just a day to go, we thought we’d spread a bit of the jolly Nordic holiday spirit so we’ve added a few more tracks to the playlist of the season, our ‘Festive Winter Mix‘. Neatly covered in glittery paper and tied with a silver bow we’ve already unwrapped treasures from First Aid Kit, AURORA, Of Monsters and Men, Mew and The Raveonettes (to name a few). But now as the great day approaches we’ve gone ahead with three more gifts so tune in, read on and get in the festive holiday spirit!

Get into the holiday spirit with our Festive Winter Mix!

Veronica Maggio – ‘Ballad om vintern’ 

Swedish singer and previous Nordic Playlist curator Veronica Maggio has true superstar status is the Nordic countries, thanks to her iridescent pop stylings and sensational voice. Her festive version of ‘Ballad om vintern’ differs from her pop tunes, but is a true treasure of a tune with its beautiful, minimalistic arrangement and Veronica’s strong yet soft voice expressing the colours of a Swedish winter dream right in front of us. It wouldn’t be a winter playlist without it!

Ásgeir – ‘Head in the Snow’

As you probably know, the winters up North tend to get rather cold, dark and melancholic, something Ásgeir captured perfectly in his winter track ‘Head in the Snow’ from his 2014 album In the Silence. In this super soothing tune, he brings out the inspiring yet heavy tones of the Nordic winter and dazzles it with sonic flourishes. This sets the scene beautifully for an inspiring Winter Song – with capital letters!

Amanda Bergman – ‘Jingle Bells’

Amanda Bergman, who as well as being a superb musician in her own right, is also a vocalist in Amason, has revealed herself to be the queen of winter songs! Her version of the immortal classic ‘Jingle Bells’ brings out an undeniably nostalgic feel, combined with her velvety voice. It truly shows Amanda as an incredible strong storyteller and we could have this beauty of a tune on repeat all day.

Listen to the Nordic Playlist’s Festive Winter Mix!

God Jul, Gleðileg Jól, Hyvää Joulua, Glædelig Jul, Merry Christmas from all at the Nordic Playlist!

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