The winter’s first snow may be fresh on the ground of the Nordics, but the Nordic Playlist is prepared to combat the chill with a summery, tropical Trenda playlist!

The ’21 Tropical Tracks To Help You Forget Winter Is Coming’ playlist (we thought the name needed to be accurate) holds 21 carefully selected tracks, all from Nordic artists, that we are convinced will be the best cure for darkness, cold and any morning grumpiness you might have. Naturally, a cold climate makes the best environment for coming up with remedies for all winter-related ailments!

Tune in to Trenda: 21 Tropical Tracks To Help You Forget Winter Is Coming!

Masters of making the speakers turn sound waves into hot summer breezes are PANG!, an electronic Stockholm duo, active since 2010. We featured the song ‘Walking in the Sun’ on the Tropical Trenda playlist – a song that seems to instantly teleport the listener to a sandy shore somewhere waaaay south. The duo describe their music as “experimental electronic music, created in our own musical world where nothing but our own laws and standards exists”. Those laws are “have a drink and relax”, right?

‘Walking in the Sun’ was initially released this summer, the temperatures of which are perfectly contained within the beats of PANG!. Along with the track, a video was released, recorded at Dry Lake Mirage in California where the two well-dressed Stockholm dudes actually go for a stroll in the California desert. We invite you to take a walk with us and forget about cold, grey November for a while!

For more sun-dried music to help you forget the winter, tune in to the ‘Trenda: 21 Tropical Tracks To Help You Forget Winter Is Coming’ on Spotify here!