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As some followers might’ve noticed, certain artists have been dominating the charts for a while now so today, we’re checking out what’s striking a chord in each of the Nordic countries…

Big in Norway would be…


The Tropics! Number one in Norway is Mike Posner’s ‘I Took a Pill in Ibiza’, with a little remix assistance from Norwegian producer SeeB, whose musical touch can make the temperature rise by several degrees even this far from the equator.

Big in Finland would be…


80’s Eurovision! Antti Tuisku shows that good songs never go out of style. ‘Sataa Salamaa’,Vicky Rosti’s legendary Eurovision hit from 1987, gets a remake and the Finnish dance floors have never been so crowded.

Big in Sweden would be…


Denmark (as unlikely as that may sound)! Denmark’s Lukas Graham keeps his position as number one Nordic artist in Sweden with ‘7 Years’, despite several strong domestic challengers.

Big in Iceland would be…

glowie 1

Gospel ballads! Domestic artist Glowie delivers a timeless pop ballad spiced up with gospel choirs and trumpets. Despite the heartbreaking theme of the song, the track is called ‘Party’.

Big in Denmark would be…


Autotune! Gilli has been doing very well on the Nordic Top Ten charts for a long time with the autotune-soaked track ‘C’est la Vie’. Featuring on the track is MellemFingaMuzik, who are nominated in three categories for the Gaffa award – best Danish band, best Danish hit and best urban release!

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