Julie Bergan

Norway’s Julie Bergan first made a name for herself with her single ‘Younger’ back in 2014. Now, she’s back with a brand new track entitled ‘All Hours’ but what you probably didn’t know is that both songs were written with the help of Finnish songwriters Joonas Angeria and Patric Sarin!

‘All Hours’ has been one of the tracks ruling the Norwegian section of the Nordic Top 10 chart for a few weeks now – a chart compiled of the top selling and streaming Nordic performers, songwriters and producers in each of the Nordic countries. And this week, Julie’s song has climbed even further to reach position number four!

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‘All Hours’, as well as her previous single ‘Younger’ were both penned by Finnish songwriters Joonas Angeria and Patric Sarin, with help from Angelika Vee on ‘Younger’ and Steph Jones, Matt Parad and Julie Bergan herself on ‘All Hours’.

Both Sarin and Angeria are well established songwriters in their native Finland, both are responsible for several national hits by domestic artists such as Robin and Roope Salminen & Koirat, who have previously featured on the Nordic Top 10 chart. Joonas Angeria, also the keyboard player of the band Nimetön, is counted as one of the most important international songwriters from Finland and has also previously written for Finnish wunderkind Isac Elliot – a chart-topper in his Finnish homeland, and adored by fans throughout Norway too!

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