Eivør Pálsdóttir has had a very busy 2015, releasing one album in English and one in Faroese, and now one of her tracks has climbed to spot number five on the Nordic chart for Iceland!

Each Friday, the Nordic Playlist compiles a playlist hosting all of the Nordic songs topping the charts throughout the region, making one hit filled mega mix called Trenda: Nordic Charts playlist. The playlist serves as a barometer for what’s hot in the Nordics, and highlights all of the artists reaching the top of the charts in neighbouring Nordic countries. The latest artist to do so is Faroese artist Eivør, who has hit position five among the Nordic tracks in Iceland with the song ‘Verð Mín’.

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In 2015, Eivør released two records, Bridges in English and Slør in Faroese. Just the one album was planned originally, but throughout the songwriting process, the ideas for songs always seemed to come in pairs – one in English and one in Eivør’s native language. According to the artist herself, the idea of two sister albums had been around for a while, and it seemed like the time had finally come to act upon it.

As Eivør’s European tour, which has taken her through Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands throughout November, comes to a close tonight in Göfis in Austria, the Faroese track ‘Verð Mín’ finds an audience outside Eivør’s native islands, in Iceland. Ahead of creating the track, we invited Eivør to curate her own Nordic Playlist featuring her favourite Nordic songs and artists, so tune in now to explore the tastes of this fascinating artist…

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