The long dark nights are drawing in, the sun is disappearing more and more quickly at the end of each day, so we here at the Nordic Playlist have a special sonic treat lined up to transport you back to the hazy days of Summer!

There’s no need to let the cold nip at your toes too soon, as we’ve created the perfect playlist to keep cosy warmth flooding through your mind, even as the ground grows frostier and the weather gets more wild.

Tune in to Trenda: 21 Tropical Tracks To Help You Forget Winter Is Coming!

For you fans of Nordic music, a trend that you certainly won’t have missed over the past 12 months is the multitude of Tropical hits that haven’t just been topping charts throughout the Nordics, but around the world too. It’s a light and lively genre favoured by such international mega-stars as Aviici, Kygo and Alesso, and one which artists from the North seem to be particularly good at creating…

Perhaps this sound and style are a reaction to the traditionally cooler climes of the Nordics, or perhaps this is just a thoroughly good style of music to make people move. Whatever the reasoning behind it, Nordic artists have excelled in over-taking radio stations, charts and playlists with this special brand of Tropical music over the past 12 months, so tune in to a hand-picked playlist of ’21 Tropical Tracks To Help You Forget That Winter Is Coming’ right here at the Nordic Playlist, and find out more about the artists that have been selected for the playlist over the coming days!

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