Fika – the age-old, Swedish notion of taking some time off in the afternoon to enjoy a well deserved hot beverage along with a tasty piece of cake…

And if anyone knows how to make cake, it’s our buddies over in Sweden – so it’s no surprise that this great cultural movement would’ve started there. This cosy tradition has filtered through to neighbouring countries, even skipping over the North sea to make its way to the UK and the US in recent years, so we here at the Nordic Playlist decided to make a special soundtrack to accompany these sacred moments of relaxation.

There’s a special ambiance that comes with Fika – a time to take a deep breath, a time to catch up with friends, a time to reflect on the rest of the day, and, of course, a time to eat a whole host of delicious delicacies.

Such a special time deserves a fitting musical accompaniment, so we’ve dug through the archives of the Nordic Playlist and come up with this tailor-made soundtrack to a Fika session, featuring atmospheric and soothing music from some of the Nordic region’s most talented artists such as Thomas Dybdahl, Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children, Ane Brun, Ólöf Arnalds and more…

Have you got your coffee ready? Is there a cinnamon bun in your hand? Then there’s nothing else to wait for, switch on Fika from the Nordic Playlist and tune in to a chilled out mix packed full of the finest Nordic music…

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And for those friends of the Nordic Playlist that find themselves in London, we highly recommend heading down to Fika London on Brick Lane – the perfect place to explore the finer side of Fika.

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