We all know that some of the world’s best pop is produced in the Nordic countries…

…and last week, UK newspaper The Guardian published an article looking at Scandiravia – Who are the new Nordic pop stars?, a story which featured a handful of truly innovative and interesting female artists from Scandinavia such as Ji Nilsson, Ronya and Zara Larsson

After their great insight, we imagine you’d like to dig even deeper – and if you do, you’re in the right place! We’ve invited some of the most inspiring artists from the Nordics to curate their own Nordic Playlists, highlighting bands, artists and tracks that they highly recommend you check out. We’ve placed a handpicked selection of them below so that you can discover more fantastic musicians who are making pop like no one else, and make sure to delve into the Nordic Playlist archive to discover even more stars from the North…

soley crop

SÓLEY [Iceland] – Heading north, we first want to introduce you to Sóley from Iceland! With a distinctive voice, poetic lyrics and mysterious sound, this artist creates a unique soundscape that we absolutely love. Her epic track ‘Ævintyr’ can be heard ahead of her very own Nordic Playlist, which goes hand in hand with an exclusive interview with the inspiring artist. Sóley released her latest album Ask The Deep earlier this year, so make sure to tune in and to keep a close eye on this intriguing artist in the future.

veronica edit

VERONICA MAGGIO [Sweden] Sweden has proven time and time again how good they are at creating chart-smashing, catchy pop music… and now they’ve gone and done it again! Veronica Maggio has superstar status not only in her home country, but in the rest of Scandinavia as well – an award-winning artist with four phenomenal albums under her belt. We were lucky enough to catch up with the Veronica following her performance at Roskilde Festival earlier this year, so get to know her properly in our exclusive interview, and by tuning in to her own curated Nordic Playlist.


IISA [Finland] – We want you to meet Iisa, a unique vocalist who is well on her way to becoming the master of Finnish dream pop. With her beautifully soft voice and neatly crafted tunes, Iisa released her second album Kukaan ei oo kenenkään in the summer and curated a Nordic Playlist ahead of playing a one-off show at Flow Festival with her old band Regina! Being super popular in her home country, we’re only waiting for the rest of the Nordics’ to catch up. Tune in to her latest album now, and keep an eye on the nordic Playlist for all of Iisa’s upcoming news!

Broken TwinMajke Alexandra Voss Romme2013

BROKEN TWIN [Denmark] – Our Danish friends are of course also in the game and the strong expression and venerable tunes from Broken Twin is the definition on melodic pop in the most heartfelt way possible! We were absolutely thrilled to interview her at Roskilde Festival earlier this year and even filmed a beautiful live session featuring her track ‘Glimpse of a Time’ while we were there! Tune in to Broken Twin’s Nordic Playlist now, as the perfect antidote to the winter weather.

aurora crop

AURORA [Norway] – And last – but by no means least – an artist that we think you should get to know better is Norway’s emerging pop star AURORA, who we had the pleasure to chat to at Germany’s Reeperbahn Festival earlier this year. She let us in on how she feels about being on stage, creating music and revealed more about the artists selected for her Nordic Playlist. This incredible artist and performer is pretty much everywhere in the UK at the moment, following the release of her cover of Oasis’s track ‘Half the World Away‘ for the annual John Lewis Christmas advert. And yes, before you ask, it did bring a little tear to our eye…!

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