SABINADDUMBA[creditPerKristiansen]Photo: Per Kristiansen

Following up from her debut single ‘Scared For Life’ then platinum single ‘Effortless’, Sweden’s Sabina Ddumba reveals another smashing piece of pop with her latest single ‘Not Too Young’!

‘Not Too Young’ is intense; with Sabina’s breathtaking voice and some powerful back beats and piano, the song makes you stop for a moment to embrace these young dreams of love. The song is about how one is never too young to experience love. Speaking about the track, Sabina says: “The song itself means a lot to me, since I grew up in a big family with seven siblings, including several older brothers who were always very protective of me. Once I was old enough to start dating they always reminded me that I was too young to know what real love was, so in a way I dedicate this song to them.”

We’re glad we get to witness this rising star and wonderful talent taking centre stage. Give ‘Not Too Young’ a listen below…

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