It’s been pretty quiet in camp Bam Spacey of late, though it’s only been a year since their début LP was released, it somehow seems longer – absence does make the heart grow fonder, as they say, and their return today with ‘Lova Mig’ is more than welcome.

With a new EP in progress and the band still getting out to perform live, ‘Lova Mig’ is, according to their own track description, a live favourite that doens’t quite match up with where the next collection of songs is heading. Rather than let it gather dust on a shelf somewhere, they’ve recorded it and sent it out into the the internet for us to enjoy – they describe it as ‘an outtake’, but that feels like it’s selling the track a little short – maybe more like a bonus feature!

Bam Spacey’s début LP 1998 is available now via Ceremony and Luxury, check out ‘Lova Mig’ below.

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