Most Nordic languages have words for which there is no direct English translation, and the cosy Danish concept of ‘hygge’ is one of them…

Hygge is a word referring to warmth and relaxation, of creating intimacy, camaraderie and contentment. As a search for a concise English equivalent falls short with this one, imagine this: sitting by the fire on a cold afternoon, wearing a cosy jumper while drinking a hot chocolate and reading a good book – definitely Hygge.

Danish winters can be long and cold, so creating a snug atmosphere is top of the lost of priorities for getting through the chilly, dark days until Spring time returns. That said, Hygge doesn’t have to be a winter-only thing – but seeing as the cold season is finally approaching, we here at the Nordic Playlist are definitely in need of some Hygge! We have therefore handpicked a selection of tracks to create the perfect soundtrack for sharing good meals and good conversations with friends and family, featuring calming sounds by fine Nordic artists such as Erlend Øye, Emiliana Torrini, Thomas Dybdahl, Lykke LiKasper Bjørke and many more.

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So light up some candles, get your favourite beverage warming and put on our Hygge soundtrack to fully indulge yourself in this toasty-warm concept! We here at the Nordic Playlist are planning to make this a weekly routine from now on …