A celebration of not just the finest new music emerging from Iceland, but also presenting the freshest talent being offered up by Nordic neighbours, Iceland Airwaves Festival 2015 is about to get underway!

More than 200 artists from around the world are set to appear at this year’s event, where each and every corner of the Icelandic capital will be overtaken by musicians, singers, songwriters, DJs and of course, a fantastic, music loving crowd.

With so many bands set to play, how can you possibly decide which shows to go to?! Well, have no fear, the Nordic Playlist is here to give you some tips, so listen in to Iceland Airwaves 2015 – Nordic Playlist’s Picks to hear some of our top recommendations, and read on as we introduce extra special artists set to appear from the Nordic countries…

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Kiasmos [ICE] – Combining the talents of Icelandic composer/BAFTA award winning score-writer Ólafur Arnalds, and one of the Faroe Islands’ most prolific music makers Janus Rasmusson, Kiasmos was a project born from the pair’s combined love of electronic music.

Watching the duo perform together is like watching electricity flow, as they bury themselves deep into the atmosphere of their creations, conjuring hypnotic soundscapes which absorb their audiences completely.

Kiasmos released their debut album in 2014, and returned this year to release a brand new single entitled ‘Swept’ which you can hear in our Iceland Airwaves 2015 – Nordic Playlist’s Picks selection by clicking just here. Catch Kiasmos live at Harpa Silfurberg on Saturday 7th November at 9pm!

Other Icelandic artists to check out in Reykjavík: Sturla Atlas, Axel Flóvent, DJ Flugvél og Geimskip, FM Belfast, Vök, GusGus, Hjaltalín

Blaue Blume

Blaue Blume [DEN] – After releasing two critically acclaimed EPs and garnering a particularly good live reputation around Europe, Blaue Blume‘s debut album Syzygy was released just over a week ago, making the timing absolutely perfect for the band’s upcoming performance at Iceland Airwaves.

So why do we recommend them so highly? Because we’ve had the pleasure of seeing them before, and of witnessing the culmination of their emotion drenched melodies, soaring vocals and the intensity of singer Jonas Smith’s gaze when he catches the eye of his audience members. It makes for a powerful and memorable live experience, and one which is sure to be a highlight of this year’s festival in Reykjavík.

Blaue Blume will perform at IÐNÓ on Thursday 5th November at 10.20pm, and we’ve selected the track ‘Birthday’ from their 2014 Beau & Lorette EP to include in our special edition Iceland Airwaves 2015 playlist – which you can hear right here!

More recommended artists from Denmark: Sekuoia, Dad Rocks!

mirel wagner

Mirel Wagner [FIN] – The winner of the 2015 Nordic Music Prize, Finnish musician Mirel Wagner is famed for her dark and dusky melodies, as well as her powerfully potent lyrics. 

Her songs have been selected as favourites by Nordic Playlist curators such as Nanna Bryndis Hilmarsdottir from Of Monsters & Men and Ólöf Arnalds among many others, and her album When The Cellar Children See The Light Of Day – released through iconic US label Sub Pop last year – is a beautiful exhibit of the tender, melancholic music that Mirel had spent her career so carefully crafting.

Mirel will be making a special appearance at Iceland Airwaves this year, performing at Fríkirkjan on Thursday November 5th at 9pm. In the meantime, listen to her eerily beautiful track ‘Oak Tree’ in our Iceland Airwaves 2015 – Nordic Playlist’s Picks playlist, right here

Sea Change

Sea Change [NOR] – To make your way to Tjarnarbarinn (Tjarnarbíó) on Thursday November 5th at 10.20pm would mean ending up in a very special spot in the city, where Norway’s Sea Change and her fascinating live show will await you.

Describing her music as “low fi electronic pop from Norway’, Sea Change‘s Ellen A. W. Sunde is a true talent of the Norwegian scene. Currently based in Berlin, this captivating musician revels in the process of creating each element of her songs herself, then presenting them in what can only be described as a mesmerising live show with a few select musicians joining her on stage to help weave her heady and engrossing soundscapes.

Set to perform tracks from her 2015 album Breakage, make sure to head to Tjarnarbarinn on Thursday for an engrossing experience all the way from Norway, and get a taste of what’s to come in our specially made playlist

Other Norwegian artists to catch: Aurora, Sturle Dagsland, Østfrost

Tune in to Iceland Airwaves 2015: Nordic Playlist’s Picks on Spotify now!

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