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Honningbarna. Translation? Honey children. But don’t be fooled friends – the tracks may be short and sweet, but there’s nothing saccharine about this band…

Widely regarded as one of the best live bands, not just in Norway – but in the world! – Honningbarna released a brand new album entitled Opp De Nye Blanke earlier this year, a fast and ferocious taste of what this unmissable outfit bring to every single live performance that they make.

We’re very excited that they’ll be appearing at a special edition of Ja Ja Ja at The Old Blue Last in London alongside Icelanders Pink Street Boys and Denmark’s Get Your Gun, so get a glimpse of what this almighty band have in store in our interview below as they invite us to check out what a day in the life of Honningbarna looks like in a very special photo diary…

Ja Ja Ja Proudly Presents:
Honningbarna | Pink Street Boys | Get Your Gun

Wednesday 25th November 2015 – 7:30pm ’til late
The Old Blue Last, 38 Great Eastern Street, London, EC2A 3ES
Free entry!
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First of all, can we get you to introduce yourselves to the excellent crowd that will be coming to see you play at Ja Ja Ja?

We are Honningbarna and we like fast and loud music.

You released an album earlier this year and have been on the road a lot since then – so, can you tell us what:

a) the coolest thing to happen to you this year has been?
Uhm, probably the coolest thing this year has been that other people also seem to like fast and loud music, and life around it. People identify themselves in what we’re doing and take part in the chaos, dancing, fun and aggression that our concert is. We want people to create Honningbarna with us, and people are fucking stoked on the same kind of ideals and ideas of making stuff (not just music) together as a collective without being just nerds in the basement or middle-class kids wearing dreadlocks.

b) the weirdest?
We were at this underground (and semi-illegal) breakdancing club in Havana. It was at this one guy’s house and it was packed and there were lazers, and smoke and dudes were pop-locking the shit out of everything to 90s rap. Pretty fucking weird. Super fucking cool.

c) the most mysterious?
We played Roskilde this summer. One night we got separated. I was cold as fuck, tired, and a bit (a lot) drunk, so I found this Carlsberg blanket and wore it like some sort of cape for warmth and decided to go to our hotel. The problem was I couldn’t get a taxi, so I just sort of stood there like a young, less charming Carlsberg-sponsored Gandalf until this one dude came up to me and told me what a great show we played some days earlier. That was cool and all, but what was even cooler was that he saw what a terrible state I was in and GAVE me his bike (Chris, I still love you). I didn’t know where our hotel was, but I had a hunch, so fuck that queue, and fuck that cold cold Denmark, and I went for it. After a while of cycling aimlessly around (the clock was probably 3 or 4am by now) I found this guy in the middle of the street…

Me: Excuse me, do you know where this hotel (whatever the name was) is?
Him: I don’t know dude, I’m super fucking lost but I’m also staying at that hotel and I think it’s this way.
Me: Whoa, sweet, get on my bike, and let’s do this.
Him: I’ve been walking around here for hours, I’m so tired.

It turned out that guy was exactly my kind of guy. We had the same kind of references, the same kind of humor and everything. I was rescued by this pathfinder and I thought I had made a new friend.

After five minutes of English conversation and near-accidents and one hell of a realisation, it turns out the guy is Toffer, my bandmate and best friend for five years. Five minutes talking to your best friend, where neither of you realize who that other person is, is a pretty insane lag. Those crazy crazy mysterious nights.

We’ve been listening to Opp De Nye Blanke constantly since it came back – what was your ambition when you were making the album?

Our ambition was to make an album that was short, loud and sweet. Long albums are boring and pointless. We also wanted to make something that you had to break to get the music from. So we made some plaster things, put a USB-stick in it and dressed it in colored paper and advertisements that we found in people’s trash or magazines so you had to make a choice between keeping the plaster or physically ruining it to get the music. Same kind of thing with the vinyl. Tried to get something for streaming too, but nobody wanted to do it because they were boring.

We’re VERY excited to have you join us at Ja Ja Ja! What should we expect from your performance there?

Going to see a band that, for once, makes concerts fun. The best night of their lives.

And finally, do you have big plans for the rest of the year? If so, what do you have in store?

The big plans for the rest of the year is to do this «blåtur» (don’t know what it’s called in English) concept. We let people know when we visit their town, people who want to come sign up, and the day we’re playing we send out a text about where to go and what to bring, kind of like the raves. So we play concerts in like a swimming hall, or while people are playing lazertag or whatever. It’s going to be so cool.

A Day in the Life of… Honningbarna

05:30 – Up and at ‘em. Time to do some handy work.

Honningbarna 1

07:00 – Get your maritime headwear – a little regatta with the boys.

Honningbarna 2

10:00 – Some horseback riding in the hills of Trinidad, Cuba.


12:00 – Trash the party at the Swedish embassy in Havana

Honningbarna 3

13:00 – Stopping by Kabul for lunch


14:30 – Sell out

Honningbarna 6

14:30 – Living a soft lifestyle

Honningbarna 7

16:00 – Fool Norway’s biggest newspaper (and the rest of the national media) to believe you got bit by a cobra, when you, in reality, just have a migraine.

honningbarna 8

17:00 – Hang out with Syrian refugees


20:00 – Dress up with best friends


20:30 – Shuffle some cards with best friends

Honingbarna 11

23:00 – Play rock music



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