Truls Press Foto by Jørgen Gomnæs
Photo:  Jørgen Gomnæs

Norway’s answer to Justin Timberlake (if JT  played a Gibson Flying V guitar, that is) and so-called ‘Falsetto King’ Truls kept things pretty quiet last year, but it seems like he’s been firing on all cylinders since he appeared for our Ja Ja Ja Germany show last December! We’d like to think it was that having such a great time playing our show that has kickstarted Truls’ creativity this year, but chances are he’s been busy working on new material for ages and just wasn’t yet ready to share it with us!

Following on from ‘Circles’ which dropped back in the spring, we now have ‘Canyon’, which manages to be both a departure from his usual style and also unmistakably sound exactly like himself. Starting out with acoustic, folk pop styling, you’d be forgiven for wondering if he’d turned his back on the catchy R&B influenced pop we know him for. Fear not: before long the track unfolds around a driving synth riff, and a swell of pop euphoria builds and builds around his trademark falsetto to a satisfyingly epic climax. Though it’s likely that most of us will struggle to come close to his vocal range, the video also thoughtfully gives us some karaoke-style lyrics so you can sing along at home, too!

‘Canyon’ is available now, and you can attempt some Truls-karaoke below.

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