NATTEN¬†are a Stockholm band that describe their music as ‘psykonautdisko’, which alone is so fantastic that it justifies the band’s existence. And we now bring you the suitably murky video for the band’s latest single, ‘Vuela Vuela’.

So essentially the plot of the video sets it up as gritty Scandi-drama, with a young boy walking past what we¬†presume to be his alcoholic father on the way into his apartment. So far so Bron. Then the boy opens a book marked ‘Natten’, the music kicks in, and things twist into the surreal as crow costumes, marked figures and nighttime roadway weirdness take their place in the scene. Backing all this imagery up is ‘Vuela Vuela’, a slice of smooth disco complete with splashes of trumpet and light, sweet vocals that occasionally push it to the border of something more primal and raw. ‘Vuela Vuela’ is part of NATTEN’s Dolce Vita LP, which is out now.

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