emil jensen
Photo by Amanda Lindholm

If you think you’re over someone but you’re still wondering if they miss you, are you really over that person or is the truth that miss them a bit too? Everyone deals with a break up differently, Sweden’s Emil Jensen’s new single ‘Saknar du mig?’ that translates to “Do you miss me?” can be seen or heard as his way to handle an end of a relationship.

Emil Jensen is known for his acoustic sound, gripping lyrics and dealing with important subjects in a bit of a humorous way – like human rights, equality and sustainable development. Having recently released a collection of greatest hits, Om du inte star för något faller du för allt, where ‘Saknar du mig?’ is a brand new addition to the collection together with a new recording of ‘Inte vackrast i världen’, a remix of ‘Radioaktivitet’ and more. The album is out via Adrian Recordings, the label which is also home to other fantastic artists such as Alice Boman, This Is Head and Hey Elbow.

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