The weekend is here and it’s time to have a look at this week’s Nordic charts! We’ve spotted a few trends in the charts over recent weeks, as well as a couple of hidden treasures…

First of all, it’s clear that Zara Larsson is still dominating Scandinavia, whereas Avicii current reign is starting to dwindle, although he still holds close to half of the positions on the Swedish chart. Avicii – who recently released his new album Stories – also remains the only non-Finnish Nordic artist to enter the chart in Finland.

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As we predicted last week, rising artist Lukas Graham is here to stay. The Danish soul artist has reached the top spot in Sweden with ‘7 Years’ and strengthens his position in Norway in Denmark. Swedish pop’s receiving some stiff competition in the form of Graham’s Christiania soul, and we’re excited to find out whether , another Dane, will be able to do the same with her new single ‘Kamikaze‘, released this week but yet to appear in the charts.

Chart topping pop is all good, but there are a couple of other artists grabbing our attention too. Norway’s Julie Bergan, who brought us her previous single ‘Younger’ back in 2014, has released ‘All Hours’ – modern, catchy pop that will no doubt infiltrate the other Nordic charts in no time at all. And finally, a special mention of the new release from Icelandic indie rock outfit Dikta – ‘We’ll Meet Again’, a very suitable name for the track!