Presspictures Miriam Bryant 2014, shot in Stockholm.

Miriam Bryant

The Trenda New Nordic Pop playlist is updated with the freshest new songs each and every week, giving you a one-stop destination in which to find the hottest pop tracks emerging from the North!

Head to the Trenda Spotify profile to subscribe now, and make sure to also check out the Trenda Nordic Chart where you’ll find a mega-mix playlist of all of the Nordic artists currently topping the charts in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

One Swedish artist who keeps popping up in the Trenda playlists is Sweden’s Seinabo Sey, who just released her long awaited debut album Pretend. Many of the album’s tracks can be found throughout the New Nordic Pop playlist, the most recent addition being ‘Words’ (those congas though…)

Tune in to the Trenda: New Nordic Pop playlist on Spotify now!

Two other artists dominating Trenda are Zara Larsson and Avicii. Actually, Zara is already causing some special stirs – Sweden’s Regimen have just released a track called ‘Zara Larsson’ – simply a declaration of love to Sweden’s new promise of pop, and the track is (of course!) featured on this week’s New Nordic Pop playlist.

The attentive listener might also have noticed the trace of Nordic TV entertainment going through the whole New Nordic Pop playlist. A music show including artists covering each other’s songs, popular in both Finland and Sweden, has added tunes from Antti Tuisku, Sanni and JVG to the charts, and as the Swedish edition is just starting to get underway, we chose to add Miriyam Bryant‘s version of ‘Ett sista glas’ to the Trenda New Nordic Pop playlist – tune in now!