We picked three tracks from this week’s New Nordic Pop playlist that deserve some special attention, and we think it’s fair to say that each of these tracks has a sound that can be described as ‘epic’!

Danish sensation  just released a new track entitled ‘Kamikaze’ – a song that song definitely deserves to be in pole position on this week’s Trenda: New Nordic Pop playlist – but there’s a lot more to to discover in this week’s picks too!

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Norwegian duo Skinny Days released a new track entitled ‘If I Was a Sailor’, which more than deserves the ‘epic’ stamp, if just for their magnificent string arrangements. Hear it now in out New Nordic Pop playlist, and keep an ear out for much more from this duo in the future!

The Danish artist SAVEUS just revealed the song ‘Levitate Me’ – and we can confirm that just listening to the track makes you hover a few feet above the ground. SAVEUS performed at the P3 Guld gala just a few days ago and took the audience by storm with this special song, which sounds like gospel on RedBull, or Jack White playing drum ‘n’ bass – listen below to see what we mean!

Another Danish artist who didn’t skimp on the volume of her latest release is Emilie Esther, whose song ‘RightNowForever’ from her new Rare EP definitely deserves its place on the New Nordic Pop playlist! This young artist is only 16 years old but has already gathered quite a following in her home country, and will surely do the same in the other Nordic countries pretty soon!