Sometimes, diving recklessly into commitments without bothering to really think about it can be a pretty good way to go about things. Vök are an Icelandic band whose birth came as a result of two of their members, Margrét Rán and Andri Már, deciding to enter Icelandic ‘battle of the bands’ competition Músíktilraunir. The only problem with this idea is that they weren’t actually really a band, and didn’t actually have any songs. They shrugged this off, casually wrote a few and won the competition (easy this music stuff, isn’t it?). They then added guitarist Ólafur Alexander to the line-up and released a couple of EPs that earned them comparisons to electronic music big hitters like The Knife. It also earned them the attention of Brazilian producer Cesare, who decided to remix their track ‘If I Was’.

While the song in its natural state was swerved from clubby electro-pop to more strung-out chillwave, it becomes a different creature in Cesare’s hands. He drains off some of the heavy tension, and transforms the track into something lighter and more dancey, adding in delicate little synth touches to subtly shift the song into a more summery mood. Vök’s most recent EP, Circles, is out now.

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