We brought you the first track from Oslo-based collective/label/club night/everything else KOSO back in July with ‘Same to Me‘ by Pieces of Juno, and they’ve recently been stepping up their activities. As well as giving a mission-stating interview (Female talent need[s] the same praise as male talent, not excuses), they’ve also announced their second release, or KOS002 – ‘Run’ by Sara Angelica.

With Pieces of Juno on production duties, ‘Run’ operates in similarly shadowy sonic territory as ‘Same To Me’. It’s got a dark quality about it, unmistakably a pop song but with a sinister edge. Angelica’s vocal retains a tight grip on the mood throughout, feather-soft during the verse before reaching for something more tense and frantic during the chorus. ‘Run’ is out now as a double A-side single, backed with ‘Aquarian’.

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