Undisputed masters of swoon-inducing cinematic synth dreams, Sweden’s Postiljonen have given us a swift follow up to ‘Wait‘, which enchanted us completely back at the beginning of the summer. Let’s ‘Go!’

Where ‘Wait’ offered waves of languid, gorgeous melancholy to lap against our emotional shores, ‘Go!’ is its joyful doppelganger – the features are all the same (sweet, breathy vocals, dreamy synths, 80s vibes strong enough to bend a girder) but the countenance and demeanor are totally different – a face transformed completely by a beaming smile.

The band are reportedly on the cusp of announcing some new live shows, hopefully showcasing more new material, with a follow up to their debut album Skyer due early next year. In the meantime ‘Go!’ is available to buy now. Try as we might to come up with words to express the sentiment and feeling of the song, the band have already nailed it, so let’s give them the final word on the matter:

“There are times when you feel stuck, trapped, without a clue of what to do. Wherever you are in life, in whatever place or age, you need a little kick to release yourself, take your life back. You can do whatever you want, you are beautiful. Remember our souls are burning with love and life, the road is in our hands, there is no other way out, just Go!”

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