New Stockholm band Pinemen initially started as Erik Ernsäter (vocals/bass) and Vincent Fagerström’s (guitar) bedroom recording project, before they decided to beef up their sound by adding Jean Filip Apelian (guitar) and Alexander Kuronen (drums). A couple of demos they popped up online got them signed to Stockholm label PNKSLM, and now they’ve dropped their official début single, ‘Essence Of Easy Going’.

‘Essence of Easy Going’ kicks off with a slinky bassline and Ernsäter’s spiky vocal, before little stabs of guitar slip in and out of the song. I caught a Pinemen show in Stockholm last month, and when they perform it live this song seemed to bleed into a psychedelic haze. Here however, it stays clean and tight, until the last third of the song when the tone and mood changes and the band switch up into a fuzzy, jammy outro. For a tune that clocks in at just over three minutes, it’s a pretty impressive demonstration of the band’s fluidity and range. ‘Essence of Easy Going’ is the first single from Pinemen’s upcoming self-titled début EP, out on PNKSLM Recordings in November.

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