philco fiction talk brag

Norway is producing great electro-pop at an alarming rate these days (alarming at least if this was somehow a bad thing, which is very much isn’t), and ‘TALK/BRAG’, the latest single from Oslo duo Philco Fiction is another from the flood. The band showcased their talents on previous outings ‘Bodies’ and ‘June 17‘, and ‘TALK/BRAG’ only confirms that they’ve nailed this pop thing to an outrageous degree.

The track starts off in a minimalistic vein, built around little stabs of synth and Turid Alida’s hushed vocal. Gradually more and more elements swirl into place, before it explodes into a whomping electro-pop chorus. Above all, it’s a track saturated in effortless swagger, art-pop delivered with almost nonchalant ease. ‘TALK/BRAG’ is the title track of Philco Fiction’s upcoming second record, out on Tender Records and Killing Moon Records in early 2016.

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