Leena Ojala

Leena Ojala was born to a Finnish father and an English mother, was raised in Hong Kong and Essex , lived in London for a bit and now lives in Berlin. This kind of whirlwind approach to actually living somewhere is bound to reflect in her music, and her debut single ‘Why’ bears all the marks of an artist who’s absorbed and incorporated a variety of different styles into her work

‘Why’ is a track built around thick, fat beats and Ojala’s glossy, slippery vocal. It’s starts off relatively laid-back, gently picking up momentum before Ojala piles on vocal layers for the massive, warped-pop┬áchorus. It’s occasionally quite reminiscent of Purity Ring in its production, but the presence and charisma Ojala brings to the track is entirely her own. ‘Why’ is out now.

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