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In just a few days, a dark and mysterious electronic force will head to The Lexington in London as part of October’s Ja Ja Ja edition…

Denmark’s KIll J is all set to perform at the event alongside Norwegian duo Loveless and Swedish pair MAASAI, so ahead of the show, we invited some top quality tastemakers from throughout the UK music scene to listen in to this month’s Ja Ja Ja artists, and to tell us what they thought of their music as part of our new feature, Ja Ja Ja Roundtable!

Taking part in this month’s Roundtable edition are…

Robin Murray – CLASHOnline Editor

Lily Walker – Wonderland MagazineEditorial

Jon Hillcock – Amazing Radio / BBC 6 Music / All Back No FrontDJ, Presenter, Podcaster

Will Street – Chess Club Records (Founder) / RCA (A&R Manager)

Paul Brown – Platinum RyeCreative Music Coordinator

Scroll down to find out what our panel thought of KIll J’s brand new track ‘You’re Good But I’m Better’ (check out our exclusive Spotlight interview with the artist just here!), and make sure to read through their thoughts on MAASAI and Loveless too!

Tickets for Ja Ja Ja are £5 in advance for members (£8 on the door for non-members), and on sale now from Billetto.

Robin Murray – CLASH (Online Editor)

“Kill J reckons that telling someone how special they are can be the most difficult thing of all. But then, the Danish artist is used to steep challenges – real name Julie Aagaard, her outspoken nature has cut a swathe through some traditionally male-led areas. Frozen synth pop delivered with impeccable style, her half-whispered, enticingly restrained vocals deliver a quite stunning intensity. Infectious and blessed with a quite artful gaze, ‘You’re Good But I’m Better’ sweeps aside a former crush with a single gesture. That title isn’t some mere statement of bravado – it’s simply telling it like it is.”

Jon Hillcock – Amazing Radio / BBC 6 Music / All Back No Front (DJ, Presenter, Podcaster)

“Just like Ann Cole on Got My Mojo Workin’ in 1956, Denmark’s Kill J somehow bring blood rushing empowerment to an unrequited love/lust song about being left, er, high and dry. ‘You’re Good But I’m Better’ has a chorus the size of Copenhagen Cathedral, which – due to the tempo being just slow enough – you actually crave while each clicking, brooding, unnervingly coy verse unfolds.

It’s beautifully simple, calm and furious all at once, bubbling with this heroically righteous sense of anger. A bit like Mary Berry playing the Kathy Bates role in Misery. “Do you want something from the bar..” offers Julie Aagaard politely, “…as well as strychnine?” Just about sums it up. Terrifyingly good.”

Lily Walker – Wonderland Magazine (Editorial)

“The best part of ‘You’re Good But I’m Better’, other than the title, is the dog-whistle pitched electronic “meows” that sound like they’re powered by a sugary E-number rush. With such a dramatic, slurring melody, the jittery syncopated vocals keep ‘You’re Good But I’m Better’ in the wonderful world of pop. Pop’s cool again now, have you not heard? Julie Aagaard’s vocals are so standout, it’s the kind of track you’ll sing along to with every inflection, breathy bass, digitally induced falsettos and all. Might take a bit of practice to perfect but I’m not getting sick of this song any time soon.”

Will Street – Chess Club Records (Founder) / RCA (A&R Manager)

“I might be a bit biased on this one because we put out Kill J’s first ever track ‘Bullet’ back at the start of 2014 and we think she is super awesome! Saying that though, this track is just undoubtedly a massive tune! It’s great to see J continue her development into a new world of innovative and abstract pop. She’s challenging the boundaries of pop music and creating a sound which is wholly her own. Her vocal is insanely good and this track is so kick ass!”

Paul Brown – Platinum Rye (Creative Music Coordinator)

“I am a sucker for layered vocal samples, so the opening of this really grabbed my attention. Once my focus was in, I was taken on a journey through a mixing pot of influences. At first it feels like an early AlunaGeorge, but then the pre-chorus slams into a neo-soul esq chord change/rhythm while the vocal echoes the range and finesse of Mariah Carey (this part is great). Then with the arrival of the chorus, it is very firm to say ‘This Is Pop’. Enjoyable song overall, great vocal performance.”


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