Gothenburg double-act Pale Honey (Tuva Lodmark on guitar/vocals and Nelly Daltrey on drums) put out their début album this year, a really excellent record that flew weirdly under the radar for some reason. Hopefully their new, just-released video for the album track ‘Over Your Head’ will see them earn some more deserved recognition.

‘Over Your Head’ is one of the highlights of the record, a slow-burning ticker that rumbles low through the verses before swirling into the release of the chorus. The video opens with the band playing the part of nuns firing golf balls into the ocean, because obviously that’s the natural way to start a video. They then spot a hot guy down by the shoreline, get distracted and are lead away from the path of God to do non-nunly things like drive cars, smoke cigarettes and wander through forests. Lodmark returns to nun-ship at the end of this adventure, while Daltrey somehow decides that the glamourous, high-octane nun lifestyle isn’t for her and wanders off into the forest.

‘Over Your Head’, backed by the b-side ‘On Your Mind’, is out now on Bolero Recordings, check out the video below!

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